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Now you can send e-cards!

That’s right, Worldwide Breast Cancer has some lemony delicious ecards that you can send to your friends, all for free. You can find them under tourism of course! Happy ecarding.


Worldwide Breast Cancer is in Facebook

Facebook is a great way to network, so naturally Worldwide Breast Cancer is going to be a part of that. Right now I’ve started a “cause” on the site. Feel free to join!

I have also advertised the breast cancer awareness survey, and within 48 hours over 100 people have responded. It has given me a lot of great information that will help me in designing educational materials. Thanks to everyone who has helped!

Lemonland changes its name

Well after some careful thought and planning, I have changed the name of Lemonland to Worldwide Breast Cancer. I did this for a few reasons:

  • Lemonland didn’t communicate what the site was about.
  • It could be difficult for people to take Lemonland seriously when it comes to funding and information credibility.
  • Worldwide Breast Cancer was available as a domain name.
  • Worldwide Breast Cancer explains the mission of the site clearly.

I will still keep citizens as part of the theme, with Worldwide citizenship being offered. The Mayor is also still in the picture, but now she is the mayor of breast cancer instead of a ficticious town.

I am happy about the changes and will be updating the images soon. I hope you enjoy!

The Mayor