Thoughts from The Mayor of Worldwide Breast Cancer

Mapping the Journey of The Worldwide Breast Cancer Project

Who is The Mayor?

Who am I? I’m the Mayor of Lemonland, which is a breast cancer network in the making. By trade, I am a designer. I am using my skills in design to improve the way people find, connect and discover information about breast cancer on a global scale. It is the work of my PhD right now, but has also been the work of my MFA (Masters of Fine Art) and my mPhil (Masters of Philosophy). Good grief, that’s a lot!

Breast cancer education is a passion for me because of my two grandmothers who died from this disease. During the past 18 months of my doctoral research in the UK in this subject, I’ve had two more personal experiences with breast cancer. My Mexican step-grandmother, and my 28 year-old American friend, a mother of two. Seeing their experiences of being diagnosed this year, their hesitancy to report symptoms to a physician, and being unsure of where to look for information or support and how to deal with the disease, has greatly influenced how I view the educational issue. As a designer, and a friend how can I help these and other women in this situation? By the amount of pink ribbons out there, I know I’m not the only one wanting to help.

Send me a note telling me what you wish you could do, and I’ll add it to my list of things that should be in Lemonland. It can be something simple or grand! Just add yourself to the map and leave a message!

So glad you are here, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts! For more about Lemonland and me, please read “My Story”.

The Mayor of Lemonland



  mod*mom wrote @

keep up the great work mayor!

  James G wrote @

Anything that helps to break the wall of silence and remove barriers to people with this disease can only be a good thing.

Keep up the good work and I hope this project opens up many paths for people with breast cancer and for yourself.

Good luck

  ginger wrote @

how can we order the photo. we love them

  Maria Dalva wrote @

Wow, I just discovered the lemonland. Excellent design, and the lemon’s idea is just genius!
Congratulations and good luck with your project!
I hope it helps a lot of women in the whole world! :o)
Cheers from Brazil!

  Donna wrote @

Check our Perhaps you’ll consider adding this link?

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