Thoughts from The Mayor of Worldwide Breast Cancer

Mapping the Journey of The Worldwide Breast Cancer Project

Bioinformatics Conference

I have been accepted to present a poster on my research at the joint NCRI Informatics —caBIG workshop on the 12 and 13 July, 2007 at the Wellcome Trust. Here is my abstract:

Abstract Title: Globalising the Message of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects people from every corner of the globe, however depending on geography, the breast cancer message changes. For some, there is conflicting information, for others the message is hidden behind taboo, education and fear of cancer.

Based on political, lingual and educational factors, the message loses its effectiveness when shared outside the intended audience. Dependence on the active participation of a government or breast cancer organisation and medical system to create and distribute the message for each population limits the reach and timeliness of the information. This current strategy can limit one’s ability to identify and report symptoms to a physician, leading to a higher occurance of mortality.

Designing a universal set of visuals and creating an online global breast cancer network of patients, physicians and healthcare officers can overcome current limitations. With such a network, breast cancer messages can become global in its reach and give physicians and patients greater insights for diagnosis and treatment, in any part of the world.

And here is my poster. All 3×3 feet of it:

Globalising the Message of Breast Cancer


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  Donna wrote @

I love your global thinking, consideration of cross-cultural communication modalities, and vibrant female-friendly visual!!! Keep up the great work! I am a survivor, and am also working to help women know their breast reconstruction options. Thanks so much!

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