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Breast Cancer Rumors

Here is a list of rumors that I’ve collected and illustrated (soon to be on the new If you have any other that you’ve heard of, please comment and I’ll work on adding them to the list.

  1. Underwire bra: myth
  2. Deodorant: myth
  3. Breastfeeding is bad: myth
  4. Birth Control: depends
  5. Older you Get, Risk Decreases: myth
  6. If it hurts, it’s guaranteed to be nothing: myth
  7. Implants change your risk: myth
  8. Big breasts or small breasts change your risk: depends
  9. Fibrocystic Breast Condition is cancer: myth
  10. Radiation makes you glow: myth
  11. Mammogram is the only way to detect breast cancer: myth
  12. If you are too young for a mammogram, just wait: myth
  13. An ultrasound is good for looking at the whole breast: myth
  14. A Breast Self Exam is the best way to detect: myth
  15. If you have small breasts, it’s easy to detect a very tiny tumor: myth
  16. Men can’t get breast cancer: myth
  17. It’s mostly people with a family history that get breast cancer: myth
  18. A mastectomy is the only option: myth
  19. A mastectomy will completely eliminate a recurrance: myth
  20. Treatment plans must be decided within a matter of hours: myth
  21. A lump often feels soft and squishy like a grape: myth
  22. Most breasts are not lumpy: myth
  23. 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer: depends
  24. The only sign of breast cancer is a hard lump: myth
  25. Breast cancer has no visible signs: myth
  26. A diet and exercise will prevent breast cancer: myth
  27. Breast cancer is your fault: myth
  28. Buying pink products is the best way to help the cause: myth
  29. An inverted nipple doesn’t need to be examined: myth
  30. Thickening of the skin doesn’t need to be examined: myth
  31. Using statistics is a good way to diagnose a patient: myth
  32. Breast cancer can’t show up in the armpit: myth
  33. If you don’t have money, you can’t get a mammogram: myth
  34. Breast cancer can be shared like a cold or flu: myth
  35. A second opinion isn’t necessary: myth
  36. Every doctor will give the same treatment advice: myth
  37. Having regular mammograms doesn’t matter: myth
  38. A mammogram x-ray does damage: myth
  39. Cancer exposed to air will spread: myth
  40. It’s wrong not to do a self exam every month: myth
  41. Most lumps turn out to be cancer: myth