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Testing a new widget I’ve designed.

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The votes are in

Congrats to everyone who made the top 20 projects for the challenge. Sadly, my project won’t be joining you but I am so grateful to everyone who voted. This map will get built one way or the other and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Worldwide Breast Cancer is in Facebook

Facebook is a great way to network, so naturally Worldwide Breast Cancer is going to be a part of that. Right now I’ve started a “cause” on the site. Feel free to join!

I have also advertised the breast cancer awareness survey, and within 48 hours over 100 people have responded. It has given me a lot of great information that will help me in designing educational materials. Thanks to everyone who has helped!

The Mayor gets a makeover

Hey Everyone, I’ve got a new wardrobe and haircut and I’ve been to the gym it seems too! Have a look at the new me:

The old and new Mayor