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Mapping the Journey of The Worldwide Breast Cancer Project

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Volunteer accountant needed

It’s now time for my breast cancer project to officially become a charity. Then, I can start officially asking for donations to really get things moving. Are you a smarty pants when it comes to filing a 501(c)3? If you’ve been effected by breast cancer in some way and want to donate your accountancy skills to the cause, leave a comment.


—The Mayor


Top 20 Winners announced tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone for voting for my map mashup! The top 20 winners will be announced tomorrow morning at 9 PST. I’ll let you know what happens!

NetSquared Mashup Challenge

It has been a busy few months…mostly because I’m getting married in a few weeks!…but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to submit my breast cancer project to the Netsquared Mashup Challenge and ask for your feedback (and hopefully your vote!).

My grant application to the Wellcome Trust

On 4 July this year, I handed in my first grant application for Lemonland to the Wellcome Trust in London. I have been very selective in who can fund Lemonland because neutrality is important. The Wellcome Trust has a history of funding art & science projects, so I think we are a good match.

If you want to read the text of the application look here.