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Do you know someone who hasn’t been to Lemonland?

I have designed a survey that will help educators better understand what the general public understands about breast cancer. If you know of someone who hasn’t been to Lemonland yet, please pass this survey on to them:

After the survey is finished, participants will be directed to a page with the answers, so it’s educational for the survey responder as well!

So send this to your mom, grandma and the other people you annoy with your “Fwd’s”. The results of the survey will help me to improve Lemonland and fuel my phd research about attitudes and misconceptions. When we join together, breast cancer hasn’t got a chance! Thanks for you help in spreading the word about awareness.

Advertisements is online!

The new 76 page website is now online and ready to view. More content will be put online over the next few weeks, including myths and images about treatment in the Department of Defense. Any feedback you have is appreciated. You can also register for the site in the Citizenship section and become privy to all sorts of the latest happenings!


The Mayor

Let the countdown begin!

Well it has been a crazy couple of months getting the new ready for the world. Lots of late nights, days without fresh air, and sifting through code. It is all worth it though. The new site is full of information and is designed to make it easier to explore and learn. More images, more information and new goodies will be added in the next couple of months so check back often!

I would have liked to have had it ready by October 1, but a slow server and some programming hiccups delayed the launch (not my forté!). So now I’ve moved it to a new FASTER server which is going to be so much better. You will be able to see the new in just a couple of days!

Hope to see you there!
The Mayor